Baptism Catering

Baptisms are a time of celebration and new beginnings. Baptism catering is an essential component to a great baptism experience because it is the very first celebration that brings family together as your child enters the Christian faith.

Our baptism catering options can allow you to enjoy this special day and not worry about shopping for food and cooking for your family. Baptism catering by ZONE is the answer to make the best of this occasion.

ZONE offers exceptional baptism catering in both 
our outdoor and indoor locations.

Wedding Catering

We offer full-service wedding reception coordination. It is simply the way we do business. We’ll help you plan the ideal menu and coordinate a smooth agenda.

From pristine white tables and chairs to full china dinner service and elegant table linens, ZONE offers many rental options that will help you create the perfect atmosphere.

After you’ve made your selections, just sit backand relax.

Our staff will handle every last detail, transforming your wedding day into aneffortless and beautiful occasion your friends and family will talk about for a lifetime.