The Zone

Graciously resting on a smoothly elevated hilltop in mar roukoz is ZONE, a classy contemporary version of your traditional lebanese restaurant. One opened its doors in 2009 at the end of the month of may that usually bids farewell to the joyous spring and welcomes the arrival of the hot and vibrant months of summer.

One is the ZONE for all families wishing to gather of a elicits meal and quality time, the spacious venue with its pleasant outdoor area is also a perfect choice for considerably large business meetings. The size of the two-story restaurant makes it the ideal setting for all types of events, including charming engagement parties , dazzling weddings, and joyous baptism celebrations.

Zone's services include, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

The contemporary eastern ambiance, the trendy decor, the lebanese menu with a few international food choices., the upbeat eastern music played by live bands and talented djs, and the refined services are all but an added value to the superb experience customers will undoubtedly get at this place.

The Concept

Who said you can't enjoy a nice Carpaccio dish along with your customary Tabbouleh salad?

ZONE's rich a la carte menu comprises a variety of traditional dishes with a few foreign injections to spice things up. It offers refreshing salads, such as the traditional Tabbouleh, Fatoush, beetroot salad, and unusual Caprese Lebanese Style salad. Hot and cold starters are aplenty topped with unusual spacialities. that have been leaving customers hungry for more, the Japanese Style Wings and Burgundy Muscles. Hot main courses include mouthwatering grilled varieties, kebabs, marinated chicken platters with a spacial sauce. Chinese chicken noodles, pizzas and kids meals.

ZONE also offers a singular collection of beverages, shooters, cocktails and desserts.

Needless to say, ZONE offers visitors outstanding

 mountain and city views of its neighbouring areas.

Look out for amazing events at ZONE every Friday and Saturday.